Monday, October 31, 2011

Today, I am one hot zombie mess.

Today, I am one hot zombie mess. And not in the good way. In the I'm-wearing-a-sweater-the-one-day-it's-hot-outside-and-I-didn't-get-enough-sleep-again-rushing-around-like-a-chicken-with-my-head-cut-off kind of way. But at least Jesus still loves me :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rest of Nature Is Asleep

The willow tree is weeping,
The rain is sprinkling,
The sky is darkening,
The stars are dimly shining,
The moon's eye is half-closed.
The birds are hushing,
The crickets aren't chirping,
The bees aren't buzzing.
The wind is merely whisp'ring.

If the rest of nature is asleep today,
Maybe I'll just enjoy the quiet, too...

***Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Carmack***

Help Me to Remember

I'm losing my focus
Of what truly matters in life.
Will You show me my purpose?
Tell me what I'm doing right.
For when I lose sight of You,
Don't even make time for You,
All that's left are trivialities
Like food and sleep and academics.

And I worry--
About silly things,
Like grades or what people think of me,
Even though deep down I don't really care.

And I come close to crying over nothing,
Wasting tears that should be shed for You and You alone--
Help me to

***Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Carmack***