Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brokenness Redeemed

Brokenness surrounding me,
Taking hold of me.
I breathe it in,
I turn around,
And then I let it soak within.

Taken captive by the clutches
Of the sin that I behold.
It makes me cry
And then I die
Within this heart of stone.

I know that there is hope somewhere,
I feel it through my tears.
I try to figure out the mystery
Of what God calls forgiveness.

And yet I find within my life
The pain of others' souls,
And I am free; I'm free, indeed,
Yet others are left 'lone.

I have to empathize with them;
It's just what I believe.
I will be open, torn, and broken.
My sin, I'll let them see.

And maybe when I'm honest,
Maybe when they see me through,
They'll come to know how I still live,
And how my Savior wants them, too.

***Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Carmack***


  1. Raw--unedited from original because it's just my heart's cry.

  2. The last two stanzas were really powerful to me. I know so often I will overcome something, but keep it to myself, because I don't like to share my personal struggles. But who does that help? When God helps me overcome a struggle, I should be willing to share it with those who need help overcoming something similar.

    Thank you for sharing this personal poem.

  3. I know what you mean; it's very difficult for me, too, but it's something God has been and is teaching me, and though it's hard to open and honest, it's proven to be the most common reason people tell me, "You know, a lot of people say the believe in something, but you're the first person I've met who actually seems to believe what they're saying." So I encourage you to keep an open heart, even when it's difficult; God likes to do a lot with honesty. You're welcome :-) God has been so good to me; how can I keep from sharing such goodness? I love you, Hollie, and pray you're growing closer to God and more like Him every day! Blessings!