Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

yeahyeahyeah, Jesus wasn't actually born today and all that jazz, BUT I'm celebrating His birthday today.

And on that note...

Let's be real.

It wasn't such a silent night. Jesus had people searching to kill Him before He was even born. The manger was smelly. Jesus was birthed from the womb of a poor, weary traveler. His daddy wasn't biologically his daddy, which surely stirred up some confusion (and gossip) around the whole scene. When He was born, there probably wasn't much to wipe the blood from his skin, and he only had His mother's shawl to clothe him. Since no one had room for him in the inn, I'm guessing there wasn't a party to celebrate his birth, either. And the wise men (however many there were) debatablely didn't even make it to see him until he was about two, so his birthday presents were possibly late.

And the miracle is this: that God knew ALL this would happen, but He made Himself human incarnate for us, anyway, even though we refused to welcome this baby King into the world. And He did all of it to teach us and then be killed by us.

I celebrate the day He was born, and ask forgiveness for ever holding Him to the cross with my sins as the nails. Praise Him! For HE is good ALL the time. Amen.

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