Friday, January 28, 2011

God-Inspired Poem (He's Really Letting the Creative Juices Flow Lately!)--01/28/11

"Because I Love You"

Your eyes are growing dim
Under the artificial light.
But you refuse to realize,
So soon you will be blind.
You're deafened by the droning
Of lukewarm principle.
False teachings have consumed you
Since the day that you were born.

You were bloodied; you were bruised.
Squirming in your own sewage.
You were flithy, naked, hopeless.
Your cord was still uncut.

So I held you in My wing,
And I cleansed you with My love.
I held you, loved you, helped you.
I told you, "You are Mine."

When you were older, grown to love,
I clothed you royally.
I dressed you like the princess
I considered you to be.
Your form lacked not one jewel.,
Nor your skin a purple cloth;
I laid a crown upon your head.
No, you lacked no thing at all.

But your pride became your fall,
You claimed you got there on your own.
You forgot the help I gave you;
Love I had bestowed upon you.

Child, Daughter, Beautiful,
Why have you turned your back on Me?
Beloved, Lover, Dear One,
Please, return to Me.
When you do, I'll be here waiting,
Holding your cord still in My hand,
For I am the One who makes filth lovely--
I always have been, will be--I Am.
Because I love you.

**See Ezekiel 16

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