Friday, August 26, 2011

What Matters Most...

I haven't read the Bible since August 24th...I think. It's 11:04 p.m., which is exactly 34 minutes after mine and Giorgia's agreed upon "lights out," but she isn't here right now. Now is a time where I remember all that's taken place since yesterday morning when I woke up with eyes half-open like a crescent moon and packed some last minute items before leaving with my family and Loree to move into APSU. Now is a time where I stare at the clock and think about how I'm already breaking my own rules. And, now is a time where I smile and remember that silly little rules about "time" as we Americans define it doesn't matter, because time is not measured by four digits and an "a.m./p.m." attached to the end; I know better than that.

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I know that Jesus matters more than my preferred bedtime. I know that Jesus is my Beloved, and nothing matters beside that. I know that my soul will hunger and thirst and seek after temporary things if I don't give in to the beautiful romance that awaits me, and that my spiritual hunger and thirst needs to be satisfied even more desperately than my physical body needs food and water.

Beloved, I will take Your hand; take me to the countryside! I love You...

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