Thursday, May 5, 2011

Darkness and Ashes/Is There Hope For This City?--05/03/11

All I knew was darkness.

All I saw was darkness.

All I breathed was darkness.

All around me--


I live in a city made of ashes. The buildings, the bushes, the streets...everything, even the clouds are made of ashes.

But the people around me can't see it; refuse to see it. I try to tell them, but they won't believe me. I understand, though, because I used to think this world we live in is all there is to life, as well.

That is, until I met a man. This man glowed with the light of love, and he spoke words of hope. His very presence felt...

Good. Clean. Beautiful.

Something about him changed the appearance of earth. It was as though light broke through the city--light--breaking through this city of ashes.

He didn't seem fit in this place, yet nothing about him caused me to believe he intended to be anywhere but here. He told me, "Follow me." I asked why, and he simply said, "Come and see." I followed him. I am following him. And although for now I see as in a dim reflection, only light amidst this dark city, I know--I can feel it when He looks at me--that there is hope here for this city, if they follow.

He WILL have his way; He will make




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