Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Summary (the non-exhaustive version of my previous post):

Based on what I've seen the Bible says in regards to homosexuality, it is a sin to give in to those desires. For some people, those desires may be more difficult to fight; however, some people also struggle with desires to have sexual relations with more than one person (their spouse), but just because those ideas have been cultivated in their minds doesn't mean that is right or okay for them to give in to those desires. It's just like the temptation to lie or murder or dishonor; different people struggle with different sins. The word God used to describe homosexuality is "abominable," which is obviously not good :P Haha. Of course, I'm just as disgusted by the opposite view that homosexuals are somehow worse than other people because that's the sin they engage in. In God's eyes, sin is sin. He waits eagerly for us to turn away from our sinful desires, to walk in His ways, and to hold us, regardless of what we've done or who people think we are. I don't see homosexuals; I see people who engage in homosexuality. Just as I don't see murderers; I see people who murder. Or liars; I just see people who lie, etc. because someone isn't defined by what they've done. It is, indeed, difficult to find actual, selfless love in this broken world we live in, but again, the circumstances shouldn't change our outlook.

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